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"The LeatherBacks" are a newly formed version of "Leather Foot" in West Virginia. After Johnny C. (Lead Vocals) moved from the area "Leather Foot" was once again without a singer to bring them all together."Thumper"(formerly of "Orgasm Donor") arrived in West Virginia for job related reasons. When Jason and Mike heard "Thumper" filling in for another local band, they knew right then and there "HE WAS THE ONE FOR US !" Mike was quoted as saying," Damn, that guy should have an album out". Little did Mike know that indeed, "Thumper" had 2 albums out. The last one was actually produced by Sebastian Bach (of Skid Row fame). When asked to audition "Thumper" quietly declined and replied simply, "I'm too busy for a band right now". 2 weeks and 20 phone calls later he finally agreed to give it a try. THE REST IS (GOING TO BECOME) HISTORY !
More to come after we get this train rolling just a little smoother !

First gig at the V-Twin